Man and woman doing strength training

Top 5 Ways to Get a Cardio Workout Without Cardio

Here are the top five ways to get cardio while strength training. Don’t forget, they’re also great ways to burn fat and maintain muscle tone ...
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Burn fat - water glass, red apple, blue free weights, and measuring tape

3 Ways to See Successful Fitness Results

A new member at Hustle Fitness came to me asking several questions about our training programs and what she needed to do to get results. I love when members ask me these types of questions. It is a chance not only to educate but also to help people become more ...
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Woman smashing a Watermelon with an ax

Top 5 Secrets to Breaking Past a Weight Loss Plateau

We love to work with people who have plateaued! At Hustle Fitness, we train all sorts of different individuals: Moms and dads struggling to find time to work out Young professionals trying to build a routine that will last Weekend warriors looking to prevent injury, etc. The thing they all ...
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Woman climbing a wall in a race

3 Things You Can Do Today to Get Better Results from Your Workout

Are you feeling overwhelmed or stuck in your current fitness routine? Here are three tips you can do right now to get you over that hump. 1. Workout with intent and remember WHY you are here. When you go to a small group personal training session or a group fitness ...
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Some of us think holding on makes us strong. But sometimes it's letting go. - Herman Hessee

6 Things to Let Go of Today

In order to move forward and start living the life you deserve, you have to let go of the actions and mindsets that hold you back. Here are 6 things that are okay to let go of today: 1. Letting shame or guilt destroy your life. These emotions can cause ...
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Green coffee cup on a napkin that says,

The Best Day of Your Life

Tell me about the best day you’ve had at work. Was it a pretty easy day or were you challenged? Did you solve some sort of crisis or was it a pretty mundane type of day? Unless you hate your job and prefer days that all blend together, I’d be ...
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Man bored with workout sitting on weightlifting bench

How to Never Get Bored with a Fitness Routine

I hear it all the time: “I just get bored doing the same thing so I like to mix it up.” I understand that, I really do. I’d get bored too if I had to do the same thing over and over again. Going through the motions every day without ...
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6 Things Great Coaches Have in Common

Whether a fitness coach, professional or at a high school, all great coaches have these things in common: 1. Teachers First First and foremost, a coach is a teacher. They not only teach physical skills such as movement, coordination, and exercise protocols, but they teach metacognitive skills that help their ...
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Feeling Insecure in Vegas

My wife and I went to Las Vegas for the wedding of two Hustle members, Beth and Eric (congratulations!!!). We had a blast celebrating the union of this strong, supple, and toned couple—but I needed to remind myself that partying at weddings can sabotage any nutrition and exercise plan. And ...
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