Our group fitness classes are quickly growing in popularity, and for good reason.  We have a strong community of like-minded individuals who all want to get fit, look and feel good, and have fun doing it. Surround yourself with people who have similar fitness goals, and are all there to help one another succeed!  Our group classes are a very affordable way to get in great shape.  We’re so confident that you will enjoy our group classes that we invite you to join us for a complimentary class!  Simply click on “schedule an appointment” at the top of our website, or give us a call at   (773)-901-7617 to book your first class.

We offer Strength & Conditioning Classes each day of the week except Sundays. Our personal trainers Josh or Chris design fresh workout routines for each of our classes on a monthly basis. These workouts are designed with the thought that exercises and routines can be modified to fit the needs of specific individuals. If a member is not ready to perform a certain exercise due to injury or any number of reasons we will make the necessary adjustments so they can get the most out of the workout.

Hustle’s Max Burn Small Group Training Sessions Schedule

The group fitness classes at Hustle Fitness incorporate corrective exercise, core stability, mobility, strength training, and metabolic training. We encourage members to come early and do Self Myofasial Release (smr) before class starts. We spend some time foam rolling in the beginning of class to turn off overactive muscles and prime our bodies for the work ahead. We then move into mobility work to increase joint mobility and gradually warm up the body and bring blood to the working muscles.

After we are warmed up we move into core activation and or corrective work to restore healthy posture and keep the body in balance. Some group classes will incorporate agility or power work at this point. Modifications will be made to accommodate both new members and advanced athletes alike. Then next portion of class involves our specific training methods which include Density training, Circuit training, max strength, and they usually also contain some form of metabolic training. Members are also coached on how intensely they should workout on a given day based on their current monthly workout routine.

Bundle group fitness classes with personal training sessions for great results!

Our members frequently bundle group fitness classes together with semi-private sessions to make a cost-effective membership where they are encouraged to come workout more, get faster and better results, and pay less. We allow up to 15 people per class to maximize the level of instruction, space and effective use of equipment.  We look forward to helping you start your fitness journey and guiding you every step of the way to becoming the fit and healthy person you’ve always wanted to be!