You don’t have to be GREAT to start, but you have to START to be GREAT.

Small group of women training with ropes

We love new members, especially if they are new to fitness. Our coaches will hold you accountable while making sure you are using proper form and technique.

Phone Consultation

Schedule a phone consultation now.

During the consultation, we will ask more about your goals and learn more about what you are looking for and see if we are the right fit. The next step would be to schedule an in person consultation and 1-1 workout with a coach during the phone consultation.


Free Group Session App

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We offer small group classes or team training, morning, noon, and night, 7 days per week.

All sessions focus on reducing body fat and maintaining or building lean muscle tone through:

  • strength and conditioning
  • metabolic resistance training
  • circuit training
  • interval training
  • complexes
  • compounds
  • intervals
  • HIIT

All sessions are functional and corrective by nature. In addition to body weight exercises, we incorporate kettlebells, dumbbells, suspension trainers, battle ropes, bands, med balls, and resistance balls.

Hustle Fitness Services

Personal Training

Customized programming based upon your specific goals and taking into account your specific exercise physiology.

Virtual Program

Live streaming classes and recordings. Join class live from home or hotel room and let our coaches pump you up and make sure your form is correct just like you were in the studio. Can’t log on at the specific time? View a recording at your leisure.

Nutrition Program

Individualized planning and group support. We can work with any dietary guidelines to help or educate on which dietary guidelines may be best for you. We specialize in holistic healthy eating that provides a lot of nutrients and supports a lean and toned physique.


Hustle Fitness has its main location in Lincoln Park, Illinois. But we are happy to announce that we are working on opening a new location in Willowbrook, Illinois in early 2022! Learn more.