What Our Customers Say?


    The last personal trainer I had really didn’t do much. All we did was the standard bench press and machines. What I like about Josh is the fact he has a different routine set up for me each time I’m with him. We incorporate TRX, heavy lifting, Free weights, Medicine Ball.

    Josh knew exactly what he was doing and I liked how it involved exercises I never used. I love the fact that I actually feel like I get something from every workout. I hadn’t done much heavy lifting as I used to stick to only cardio when going to the gym. I’ve dropped considerable weight. I’ve eaten healthier. I really get a satisfaction after the workout knowing I worked my tail off.

    Danny D.

    In less than 2 months of working with Chris I was able to lose 12 lbs, decrease my body fat by over 5% and lose over 6 inches. I have cut my hypertension medication dosage by half. Eliminated 2 of my 3 diabetes medications, and no longer require my cholesterol medication. I now have the opportunity to encourage and motivate my patients to make lifestyle changes.

    Dr. Bernie R.

    Josh is an effective personal trainer. He is educated, certified and aligns my goals with the program that maximizes results. Josh is similar to the college professor; he notes my progress as I move through the circuits and shares my progress. He is conscientious of my health and injuries and has plenty of exercises in his toolbox should there be an issue with me being able to complete one of them. Josh pushes me to achieve results. I don’t trust anyone until they prove themselves to me. I work with many people that claim to be experts and very few impress me.

    Josh has proven himself to me as my results have continued to exceed his expectations and my own. my endurance level has improved. From the time I began working out with Josh until now, I have overcome my fear when benching heavy weights. I have always wanted my trainer to hold or guide the bar for me. However, now I am confident knowing that I am in control until he notices that I am struggling and helps me get in one or two more repetitions. Josh is a motivator and his individualized programs are tailored to meet my goals. The benefits of small group exercises are team work and encouragement. The end result compliments Josh’s ability for us to see exponential gains in strength, agility and flexibility. Josh is an extremely effective communicator and I feel comfortable with him as my trainer.

    Lewis B.

    I worked with Josh for about 8 months and man was it worth it! Not only did I see a change in the way I looked, but other people were noticing that I looked leaner and more toned too. I was already working out most days, but Josh helped me understand the best types of workouts for me (i.e., my moderate pace on the eliptical for an hour was not the most efficient way to exercise). I soon realized how much more effective my sessions with him were than the gym’s group classes too. He’s such a good motivator! He understands that working out can be tough, but always kept encouraging me. Even though my sessions with him were challenging (I was sometimes scared to come in), they were always fun! They inspired me to work harder in my own workouts.

    Josh is such a great trainer! He pays such attention to detail and it is obvious how dedicated he is to doing his best for his clients. He always seems to be looking for new information and it shows because sessions are always changing and getting tougher! I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to get stronger and more confident working out (and enjoy it too) and of course to look better!

    Meg A.

    On the way to my long term goal of losing 120 pounds I hit a couple of serious plateaus, especially after i had lost 60lbs in the winter of 2007. I had seen chris work with other clients and noticed he tailored workout programs to meet each persons needs. I asked him to help me develop an exercise plan and give me some nutrition tips to help break this tough plateau. The plan he created was a great success. After i started working with Chris I broke my plateau and lost 30 pounds in 45 days. In September 2007 I officially hit my 120 lb weight loss goal.

    Will P.