Learn more about the Hustle Fitness personal trainers and support staff.

Hustle Fitness Trainers
Hustle Fitness Trainers

Owner, Personal Trainer, Hustle Fitness

At the age of 18, Chris began his fitness career coaching HS soccer and instructing youth sports camps.

After college Chris worked briefly as a PE teacher, managing classrooms of 50+ middle school students.

Chris has been a certified personal trainer since 2006. He has a BS in Physical Education from Western Michigan University.

Chris is also a certified nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition.

MacKenzie Fye McCain

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Co-Facility Manager
Hustle Fitness

MacKenzie (Coach MacK) has been a proud member of the Hustle Fitness team since 2017. By day, she is a clinical psychologist but by night/weekend, she coaches and teaches yoga at HF. She also helps organize and prepare the monthly class schedule and recently took up the post of co-facility manager.

“I’ve had a history of hip issues beginning in my late teens that previously caused daily chronic pain. But a strong focus on strength and conditioning, paired with PT, yoga, and core work, I’ve become practically pain free! I’ve remained dedicated to Hustle not just for the awesome workouts, but mainly because of the strong sense of community. We strive to build each member up and encourage continuous learning in order to help you reach your individual fitness and nutrition goals.”

Meghan Jane Stegemann, Personal Trainer, Hustle Fitness

Chicagoland Yoga Instructor, BSEd., 500-ERYT, RCYT & YACEP
Private, Corporate, Virtual and Youth Yoga

Meghan is alignment based vinyasa yoga instructor and has been teaching yoga classes and private clients since 2013. Her yoga classes are infused with attention to breath, mindfulness, and balanced muscular action. Meghan’s teaching is influenced by vinyasa, power yoga, trauma-informed yoga, and restorative yoga, as well as her educational background in health and wellness coaching and secondary education.

Her goal is to make yoga accessible and welcoming to all, whether that be working professionals looking for a break from bottomless to-do lists, youth and families in underserved communities, the least flexible student in class, and everyone in between.

Liz Zelko, Personal Trainer, Hustle Fitness

Personal Trainer, Hustle Fitness

Originally from the western suburbs, Liz moved back home to Chicago in 2019.

After years of struggling to motivate herself due to lack of goal setting and accountability, at Hustle, she found a community of like-minded people who helped her achieve her goals and beyond what she thought she was capable of.

Inspired by the other amazing coaches, she decided to join the gym as a trainer intern and has now been teaching at Hustle for the past year.

Richard Ramirez, Personal Trainer, Hustle Fitness

Personal Trainer, Hustle Fitness

Richard started as a member of Hustle Fitness. He began training and working out under the direct supervision of the trainers at Hustle Fitness.

Richard was so inspired by the Hustle trainers passion for personal training and fitness he decided to switch careers and get his training certification as well.

Richard is currently certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Daissy Dominguez, Personal Trainer, Hustle Fitness

Personal Trainer, Hustle Fitness

After graduating law school, Daissy founded her own firm, Dominguez Legal Justice Center, LLC (DLJC) with a focus on immigration. She provides educational immigration legal workshops in communities to educate residents about their legal rights, and collaborates with community organizations to host legal consultations and staff trainings at their local centers.

Daissy is an adjunct professor at UIC John Marshall Law School. She is also an Associate Board member of Just The Beginning.

Check out Daissy’s class if you want an awesome workout with badass music and motivation to keep you going! Daissy loves the incredible support and community at Hustle Fitness—from both the trainers and members—that truly give you effective results. You can really get what you want out of your membership. From starting as a member to now being an HF coach, Daissy has experienced first-hand her own fitness growth.

Lauren, Personal Trainer, Hustle Fitness

Personal Trainer, Hustle Fitness

A Pennsylvania native, Lauren began her journey in the fitness industry at the age of 18 as a competitive cheerleading coach—where she developed her ability to motivate people.

Lauren believes consistency is the key to success in fitness—and the key to consistency is making sure fitness is fun. She believes if you look forward to your workouts, you will be motivated to keep up with your goals, and with time, ultimately achieve them.

Lauren is known for her up-beat classes and intense (but fun!) coaching style. There is no doubt after leaving your first class you will leave sweaty but wanting to come back for more.

When Lauren is not coaching, she enjoys taking leisurely bike rides in the city, brunching with friends, and snuggling up with her fur-baby Mako (cat).

Paula, Hustle Fitness Coach A

Coach, Hustle Fitness

The daughter of a chiropractor, whole body health was instilled in Paula at an early age. Paula swam competitively from an early age and continued to swim into her college years. She also ran track, played basketball, and golf in her youth.

As a self-proclaimed cardio junky, Paula continued to swim, run, and bike through the years. She coached cross country and worked with swim teams, making fitness fun for children. In 2000, Paula tried yoga as a new physical challenge and was amazed to gain a new sense of body awareness and mindfulness.

After years of growing her practice, Paula became a certified yoga instructor. She has taught private, corporate, and group yoga for the past 10 years. Paula continues to swim and is committed to training for the Master’s State meet in the spring of 2022. (Yes, hold her accountable and ask how her training is going!)