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At the age of 18, Chris began his fitness career coaching HS soccer and instructing youth sports camps. After college Chris worked briefly as a PE teacher, managing classrooms of 50+ middle school students. Chris has been a certified personal trainer since 2006. He has a BS in Physical Education from Western Michigan University. Chris is also a certified nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition.


Support Staff

I joined Chris and the Hustle Fitness team back in August.  As Chris' assistant, I get to see and do a little bit of everything here 🙂  What brought me in to Hustle Fitness was the people—Chris, the trainers, and the members.  Spend a few minutes talking to any of our veteran members and you know that Hustle Fitness is different than other gyms in what we offer.   We're not about bringing you the latest workout fad or nutrition hype; our gym doesn't boast a club-like atmosphere and you're not likely to be able to sneak a workout in without talking to anyone.  Why?  Because we're not just providing a workout space; we're about helping you achieve real, lasting results.  Making a true lifestyle change takes commitment (from both you and us), it takes education, hard work and a lot of support from trainers and fellow members.  You're not just going to get an awesome workout here at Hustle Fitness, you're going to find a community of people supporting you to make all the changes you need to in order to achieve the goals you want.


Personal Trainer
In February of 2015, I was at the lowest point in my life, not only was I at a job that I hated, I had
to deal with the greatest loss of my life…. Working out has always been a big part of my life, but
during this time I lost my motivation to get to the gym. Becoming part of the Hustle Fitness team
was the best decision I could have made. Getting in my daily workouts was what I looked
forward to each day. Joining Hustle Fitness brought back my motivation to stay fit, and
reminded me why I enjoy working out.
While I was in high school, track was the most important thing to me. I was always trying to be
my best but I was my biggest critic. Even when I would set a personal record, in my mind, it was
never fast enough. My parents were right there by my side pushing me to be my best, and this is
when I started working out with my first personal trainer. Prior to this I had never tested my
limits or pushed so hard. This is when my passion for training began.
I had always been passionate about running, but having a trainer of my own opened my eyes to
weight training and the importance of a balanced weight-training program. This passion for
fitness is what drove me to become a Physical Education teacher. I graduated in the spring of
2013 from Northern Illinois University (Go Huskies!) with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. In
addition to working at Hustle Fitness, I am a high school teacher in Chicago Public Schools. What
I love most about my job is seeing our members reach their goals. The smile on their face when
they tell me how much weight they have lost, or how far they have come is the greatest feeling
in the world.
Reaching your goal isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight; it’s about making one
small change at a time, whether it’s drinking more water in a day or cutting one can of pop out a
day. These daily small changes will get you to where you want to be in the future. What I love
most about working at Hustle Fitness is the comradery between the coaches and the members.
Hustle Fitness has a support system that I have never seen at any other gym. Training here you
not only get to build a rapport with the coaches, but also with each other. If you’re having a bad
day, everyone at the gym will rally around you and help push you through the workout.

Since I have started training at Hustle Fitness, I have been injury-free for the longest time period
since high school. I have never been stronger, and my running times have never been faster. Not
only does Hustle Fitness work on the exercising aspect of helping you reach your goal, there is a
large focus on nutrition that has pushed me closer to my own goals.


Personal Trainer
A few years ago, a dear friend of mine was discussing her race-cation (where you travel to the middle of nowhere to race all weekend, sleep in a crappy hotel, and try to find good eats in a hometown diner) and I was struck by her enthusiasm, heck she was glowing. She wasn’t coming from Hawaii or anywhere exotic, she was running all weekend, in mud, in the middle of nowhere Texas. At that time, I was in the worst shape of my life and hating myself for it so I decided to take a leap of faith. If the race was half as fun as she looked explaining it, I wanted to try it. Finally race day came and I fell into the pitfall many of us do... I was NOT prepared, not one bit. Yet I had the same excuse; my job, my life, everything was too busy to be ready. I slapped a smile on my face to hide the sheer terror I was feeling and embarked on my very first obstacle course race. I’m sincerely humbled to say I’m now in my third race season.

My fitness background is in dance, I was a teacher and choreographer throughout college. Training became a natural transition because like dance, every movement has a purpose. Whether we’re working towards more strength or endurance, we’re able fortify the purpose of these movements in our everyday lives as we play with our kids, join a pick-up volleyball game at the beach, as we strive not be that out of breath person during a fire drill, or to even help a friend move.

A couple of things happened during my first face. First, I got lost (I know, it was a roped-off course, that one’s on me) but I was also scared to death and really wanted to quit. Fitness is a mental game as much as it is physical. There I stood, freaked out, and forced to move forward. Ultimately, there was only one way out and there was no option to turn around and travel from whence I came. Looking back, I needed that absolute to overcome some of my own self-imposed limitations. I can say I’m a better person for it.

I chose Hustle Fitness to continue my training because when you're mentally in the right head space, anything is achievable. The community of clients and trainers is very rewarding, we care about your health and your wellness. Hustle Fitness offers a great deal to their clients from nutrition planning to kettlebell seminars and recovery workshops to keep you motivated and learning. In case you are wondering, yes, I do love burpees but pushups are my favorite exercise! I promise to cheer you on and secretly be jealous that while I’m teaching, I’m not doing burpees with you.


Personal Trainer
Richard Ramirez started as a member of Hustle Fitness. He began training and working out under the direct supervision of the trainers at Hustle Fitness. Richard was so inspired by the Hustle trainers passion for personal training and fitness he decided to switch careers and get his training certification as well. Richard is currently certified through the american council on exercise ( ACE.)