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A personal training studio is a more intimate setting for working out and personal training sessions.  While everyone knows what a gym is, that does not mean that working out at the gym is right for everyone. Plus, it can be difficult to have personal training sessions at the gym because the gym is typically very loud and chaotic.  An area with fewer distractions allows the individual and trainer to focus on the workout and benefit from the extra individualized attention.

In the personal training studio, a personal trainer can properly communicate with the individual  in a setting that is quiet enough for them to take advantage of their time together and work on a level that is best for the trainer and the training member.


Every trainer is different, but every individual is different as well. Some clients need to be motivated and worked with in a very personal setting. Unfortunately, gyms are never quiet, especially in Chicago.  There is often too much ambient sound for the client and trainer to properly communicate.  However, a personal training studio is a nice quiet place where a trainer can efficiently communicate with the individual to get the best return on investment for sessions.


Having all of the needed equipment available at a moment's notice makes it very easy for the trainer and the individual to do any workout that needs to be done, in an efficient manner. With the entire space at their disposal during a session, it is much easier for both parties to get the most out of a session. Plus, this allows for the trainer to do workouts alongside the individual to help teach form and appropriately challenge them.


Before and after a session, it is nice for the individual and trainer to have a place to talk. Since gyms tend to be loud, it can be hard to have a conversation about what the expectations of the session will be, and reviewing the session afterward. However, a personal trainer's private studio can help to facilitate a conversation that will help both parties to understand where they are at and how they can best move forward with their training.

The privacy and intimacy of a personal training studio can help to improve workouts for any person who wants to learn more about their body and get the most out of personal training sessions.

Trainers are able to see their clients on the individual's schedule, the equipment is always available and the intimate setting is quiet enough so that the two people can communicate before, during and after the session. Working out in a personal studio may be a new concept for many people, as many people assume that this type of service is only available at the big box gyms.  However, many of our members comment that the personal setting of our studio really gives them the attention they need, while providing an efficient workout for the busy professional.


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